I first met Christine nearly a decade ago in Belgium when she had come to one of my Crows Nest workshops. We spent some time afterwards talking of the possibility of her formally studying with me as her mentor, and thus began a process of working together in some forty workshops. During that time Christine became a Crows Nest certified Shamanic Counselor, and went on to join our advanced training program leading to certification in the Crows Nest method of Sacred Breathwork. This program involved several demanding years of study in Jungian psychological, shamanic, ethical and holotropic principles of Sacred Breathwork, and she joined our DreamTeam of trainees and assistants and running these often quite large events in France and Belgium.  She was supervised by myself and Minthé, director of Crows Nest Europa, for several years. In time I could see she had come into her own power, creativity, and demonstrated repeatedly in my supervising presence her people-helping skillsets. After meeting the rigorous requirements, and in agreement with Minthé, Christine van der Steur was certified in Sacred Breathwork Facilitation.

I am happy to see Christine practicing independently now in Belgium, and even extending her services into the areas of life transitions and grief consulting. She is a real gift, and I can tell you that Christine is as heart open and solid as a human gets. She brings considerable experience and many skillsets to her work with individuals and to small and large group work. If you are reading this and are considering her services, know that I give her the highest recommendation, and stand behind her work. If you work with her, you will be working with someone who is compassionate, devoted to your well-being, exceedingly resourceful and skilled, and is of the highest integrity. 

Tu Kuy ♥


C Michael Smith, Ph.D. (aka Mikkal), is clinical and Jungian psychologist, shamanic teacher and founder of Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies International. He is member of the Cercle de Sagesse in Paris, and author of Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue, and Psychotherapy and the Sacred.

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